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Orion BMS standard

$920.00 USD

Orion is one of the most reliable and customizable BMS systems on the market. We have been selling battery management systems with cells for almost 10 years now and have not used a better product. The main advantage of the Orion BMS is simple. Having all the electronics and balancing circuits on one central protected location is better! It offers might higher immunity to noise than other distributed BMS's and the electronics are protected in a metal enclosure instead of sitting on top of a cell. This system can be a bit of bitch to wire up and program but once that is done you can forget about it and just enjoy the peace of mind that you know exactly where you battery pack is at and that it is receiving the best care a BMS can offer.

Features Applications
  • Designed specifically for high EMI immunity
  • Low power sleep mode
  • Redundant design for improved reliability
  • Highly programmable / flexible
  • Electric Vehicles (EV)
  • Plugin Hybrid Vehicles (PHEV)
  • Hybrid Vehicles (HEV)
  • Solar / Wind Energy Storage Systems
  • Battery Backup Systems
  • Racing Vehicles


Electrical Specification Item Min Typ Max Units
Nominal Supply Voltage 10 16 Vdc
Supply Current – Active * 250 mA
Supply Current – Sleep (Rev C) * 650 uA
Operating Temperature -40 80 C
Cell Voltage Measuring Range 0.5 5.0 mS
Number of Cells Supported In Series 4 180 cells

* See full spec sheet for all specs and test conditions.

Complete manual

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